The Fractal AX8: Brilliant! Robben Ford Tones and much much more

Hi Everyone,

Just thought i’d do a quick update and let you know all know about the new rig that i’m currently using for gigs and recordings: The Fractal Audio AX8


This unit is incredible and i’m currently running an xlr out into the PA system and in ears for monitoring during gigs. The amp simulations are very natural sounding and i’ve been blown away by some of the presets out there. I purchased the 700+ Naked Amps pack by Austin Buddy a couple of weeks back and in particular this Robben Ford Dumble patch was just out of this world! I just had to pick up my Fano RB6 and record a video check it out below:

You can find Austin Buddy’s 700+ Naked Amp Pack here:

I am of course still loving all my tube amps and they will always pop up at gigs with my favourite pedals when needed but it’s fantastic to have the option to run direct! I’ll have some more updates on the way. Plenty of news coming up and i’ve updated the Gallery with some updated photos.


Back! Performing in Georgy Girl the musical and upcoming News.

It’s been a long time since I kept you all updated. Unfortunately mid last year I was involved in a serious car accident in which I was unable to walk and leave my hospital bed for almost 2 months. The future was uncertain in terms of whether I would play guitar again and to what ability.

Hospital pic

I want to thank everyone who visited me and wrote to me during this challenging time. It was difficult to stay positive at times given the outlook and i’ve had a lengthy ongoing recovery period with lots of physio and rehab.

My outlook improved during recovery and starting with ukulele sized guitars I began to play again. Working slowly I’m proud to say I’m playing to the level I was before the accident and loving every minute!

Whilst in hospital and unable to play I began writing my musical ideas with pencil and paper in a “Frozen” manuscript book I was given. Whilst challenging, I now have a heap of material that I’m looking forward to recording later this year in my new project. Here’s a sneak peak!


In the past 6 months I’ve had a fantastic time playing and have done some fantastic gigs with the band Proof and had a blast taking a trip over to Adelaide for their Carols by Candlelight concert.

Currently I’m back in the orchestra pit Playing for a musical based on the group “The Seekers” called “Georgy Girl” at Crown Theatre. I’m extremely fortunate to being playing Banjo, Acoustic and 2x 12 string guitars, I’ve had a great time keeping them all in tune and the music is awesome!


Plenty of things to come in the 2nd half of the year and I look forward to updating you all on my new album soon! I’m hoping to write a diary of the recording process complete with pictures and video.

Thanks again to everyone that’s supported me past and present.

Live video from CD Launch Up now on Youtube!

Hope everyone is having an amazing festive season!

I’ve put up my first live video from my CD launch in September. It was the opening tune of the night “I’ll be missing you” Check it out! It features some fantastic piano playing by Russell Holmes and of course the ever amazing vocals of Allira Wilson. Have a look:

Feel free to chuck a like or a comment on if you like what you hear. If you’d like to keep up to date with my upcoming shows and songs/videos send your email address to: and you’ll be added to the list!

New Video! Kings of War Live at Moss Street Productions

Happy to show you all my brand new video! It’s a live in the studio performance of my song “Kings of War”. Had an amazing time in the studio and we captured the essence of the band live in the studio. Have a look and if you like what you see leave me a comment! Big thanks to Jesse Stack at Moss Street Productions. He does an amazing job! Find them on Facebook here

CD officially launched! New Videos and Recordings on the way.

I’ve had an absolute whirlwind couple of weeks here travelling to Brisbane, rehearsing, launching my new CD at the Ellington and just today recording some new live videos in the studio of some new songs. The band was sounding fantastic and there was an amazing turn out at the launch! The band also featured Sophie Foster on backing vocals which has added a whole new dimension of sound to the new songs. Stay tuned for some new videos which will be up soon! In the mean time enjoy some pictures from the launch and video shoot! courtesy of Jesse Stack and Russell Tassicker.

CD launch 2 IMG_9394 CD launch 3

Pre Order New Album Now!

Hi Everyone,

The album is on it’s way and you have the opportunity to preorder an album before it’s official launch in september. Simply head on over to my facebook page:

Rick Webster Fanpage

Hit like and send me a message requesting a preorder. I will send you further details and you’ll be able to purchase a CD for the special preorder price of $15. A real bargain! I’m very excited about the new CD and want to try spread the music to as many people as possible so spread the word!

Thanks guys!


New Album – Rick Webster Live at the Ellington featuring Allira Wilson – First Samples!

The new album is ready! It’s been mixed by the amazing Lee Buddle and Jesse Stack and mastered by Lee Buddle. It’s off to the pressing plant now and should be available in the next couple of weeks. There’s some fantastic performances by the band and incredible recorded vocals by Allira Wilson. The whole album was recorded live over 2 shows this year and features mostly new songs and a couple of old favourites. Have a first look at the album cover and hear some samples below!












Artwork was done by the amazing Matt Sav. Check out his website at

Here are a couple of samples from the album:

Live CD recorded! Stay tuned for release, Acoustic Ellington Show June 23rd

Hi Everyone!

Good news is the Live Cd has been recorded! The show on the 13th of May was fantastic and I was so lucky to have such amazing musicians play my music and of course the unbelievable Allira Wilson sing my tunes.  We even had USA saxophonist Troy Roberts pop down for a few songs and he really brought the house down! Here is a pic from the night taken by Mark Pearson:

Ellington 13:5

I’ll be mixing and mastering the CD over the next month or so and it will be released shortly after. It’s looking like it’ll be about 10 tracks in total and I think really captures the live show that i’ve been working towards the last year or 2.

In other news I will be doing an acoustic original set at the Ellington on the 23rd of June as part of the “Song Lounge” series. It features singer songwriters and original music so please try to make it down! I’ll be playing acoustic of course with Joe Southwell playing double bass and Victoria Newton singing.

You can buy tickets to song lounge here:


Live at the Ellington 2nd Recording on the 13th of May!

Hi Everyone,

Coming up on the 13th of May i’ll be recording a gig at the Ellington Jazz club with a fantastic band playing some new music that i’m really proud of as well as all my favourites from my previous couple of albums. Doing some special stuff and different versions of tunes like this one:

You can buy tickets here:

I’ll be releasing the live disk shortly after and will let you all know as soon as it’s out! In other news I’ll be doing a few more musical theatre shows this year in the orchestra pit including Sound of Music and Hairspray. Can’t wait!


Melbourne Tour a Success! Recording for Live album

Hi Everyone,

I’ve returned from my Melbourne Tour last week and couldn’t be happier with the way it went. Saw a lot of new faces down at the shows and musically it was very inspiring. Here is a shot from the Paris Cat:

pariscat gig shot

A few thank you’s are definitely in order:

The musicians, Allira who did an amazing job as usual! My east coast band: Lewis, Jacob and James, who made the music come alive. I’d also like to thank Adrian from Inner Fm and all the radio stations that helped promote my shows. Of course i’d like to thank the venues as well : Paris Cat Jazz Club , Some velvet morning and Open studio for providing such great live music venues and keeping live music alive!

Thanks Melbourne you were amazing and i’ll definitely be back later this year!

My next show date is at the Ellington on May 13th. This will be the 2nd show recorded for my upcoming live CD : Rick Webster Project Live at the Ellington. It’s going to feature some new tunes and of course some old classics. If you’d like to keep up to date send me your email address and i’ll add you to my mailing list.


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